Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Ways to Look Cute When Your Workin' on Your Fitness

#1  - Put a lil somethin' something' in your hair – I found these mini hair clips for next nothing at Claires and they are perfect to hold up your bangs or any other uncooperative strands of hair while your doing Zumba or other kinds of high impact activities.

Now that my bangs have grown out a little, I have been wearing some fun headbands too.

#2 - Fingernails – I love a snazzy nail color, so I occasionally wear a fun color like hot pink, blue or even dark purple - it makes me feel all girly when I'm doing chest presses or dead rows.

#3 - Accented Nail – A new trend that I am LOVING is the accented nail.  Do something totally over the top on your ring finger only.  It’s so glittery it’s like wearing jewelry without actually wearing jewelry.  The options are endless!

#4 - Shoes – Gotta have a killer set of sneakers, nuff said.

#5 - Hoodie/Jacket – Go get yourself a cute hoodie. I like to wear mine a size larger than I normally wear so that it covers a little of my booty.  The larger size comes in REALLY handy if I have to stop by the grocery store after a workout.  Below are some fab ones that I found online.  I'm thinking I need to get that hot pink one :-)

How do you stay cute while working out???

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  1. I feel cute while working out when i wear my SkirtSports running skirt. Made my SkirtSports here in Colorado. Covers my butt, has ipod pocket, and is made if a wicking fabric in great colors and patterns!
    Just came across your blog and love it :-). Ran my first 5k last July and 2nd on can do it! I will post the little tricks that worked for me on your 5k post, bc I used to freaking hate running!