Thursday, April 25, 2013

NSV - Just Do It!

Have you heard about NSVs?  No?  Weeeell then let me give you the skinny on it.  NSV means ‘Non-Scale Victory’.  Too many of us are constantly in a love/hate relationship with that damn scale.  We step on the scale and cross our fingers – did it go up today, did it go down today?  UGH, we all have got to stop relying on that damn number to give us permission to feel victorious.

Let’s all start thinking about why we are working out, eating better, becoming more active, etc and freaking forget about that damn phrase “To lose weight”.  When I started my journey I had zero confidence that I was actually going to lose any pounds – I simply wanted to stop getting fatter and fatter.  So when those NSVs popped up, I was tickled pink!  Eventually they accumulated and the pounds consequently fell too.  NSVs can be even more exciting than seeing that number decrease.  I remember my 1st major NSV, it was to dash up the 3 flights of stairs at work and carry on a conversation with someone without huffing and puffing.  When I did it; I walked taller, I smiled bigger and I felt fantastic – all without seeing a damn number on a scale.
Still not getting the concept of NSV, yet?  Let me give you a few examples….
  • My wedding ring doesn’t leave a mark on my finger anymore
  • When I wear my favorite jeans the ole booty is lookin’ goooood
  • I made it to the gym 3 times this week
  • I increased my distance by X today during my walk/jog/bike ride/ whatever
  • I did NOT eat a donut today when ever other person in the office did.
  • I have the highly-coveted ‘thigh gap’. 
So I challenge each of you (insert dramatic sound effects) to step away from the scale and celebrate your NSVs.  I think it is imperative to celebrate even the smallest victories when you are trying to become a better you.  Comment below and share it with the world, seriously do it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Up, Down and All Around

After my last sad and sorry post, I figured I would share what’s been up, down and all around with me in the last month or so.

~What's Been Up~
My spirits are most definitely up.  I have been going to the gym consistently a few days a week and seem to be getting back in the groove.  The responses I got from my last post were pretty darn fantastic!  As I mention in the intro of my last post – I was not fishing for sympathy, but simply expressing myself.  I received direct emails, Facebook messages and even some anonymous comments on the post itself (side note, I LOVE seeing comments on my posts).  Each one touched my heart in their own unique way - some of you shared your very own story with me, some were simple and sweet and some well were just damn funny!  They made me feel… well, good - really good.  

~Breakin' It Down~
I recently switched gyms, I’m now at a more ‘serious’ gym.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the YMCA that used to attend, it was safe and comfy – kind of like being curled up in your grandma’s knitted blankie.  Speaking of grandma, my new gym absolutely does NOT have grandma’s hanging around sipping coffee and making chit chat with no intention of doing anything more strenuous than walking to their car which is located in the nearest handicapped parking lot space – opps, did I say that :-/
Anywhooooo, when I switched gyms I found myself no longer a ‘rock star’ in the Zumba or any of the other classes.  I knew none of the instructors by name, there were no little kiddo's I knew by name and no pals that I could share a laugh or two with when I goofed up in Zumba*.  Have you heard the phrase, Fish out of water?  Yeah, that's sort of how I felt.  It feels pretty shitty! 
I have been knocked down a few pegs that is fo ‘sho!  I am attending the classes and trying to not only keep up but to KILL my work outs…which, has not happened….YET!  During the classes I fumble, I misstep, I’m even a little bashful and intimidated.  I keep reminding myself “It’ll get better” and “Hey, at least I’m HERE”.
I even popped my spin-cherry by attending a 30 minute Spin 101 class (aka Spinning for Dummies) followed by a real Spin class the next week.  Spin was different and a nice change up for me.  The instructor had some great 80’s and 90’s music blaring during class, which I loved, so it made it – dare I say – kind of fun!  I will be definitely attending Spin every once in a while to help with any boredom that my strike with the typical classes I go to.

~All Around~
My weight has not gone down and it hasn’t gone up, so I’ll take that as a win.  My clothes are not necessarily feeling any different.  But my attitude is better and my motivation is ramping up.  I have not yet begun incorporating weights in my workouts.  I still think I am a few weeks away from that – not lifting or really hard core exercising for several months really shoved my stamina down to the ground.  I am still upset with myself for going backwards on this journey of mine - but I am trying every day to stay positive and try not to beat myself up anymore over it.  

I'll end this post with Ghandi's Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World - I have this poster hanging on my cube wall at work.  It speaks to me on SO many levels and I hope it does for you too!  

* Just a few weeks ago, I noticed a familiar face headed towards the Zumba classroom. As she walked closer I realized, I knew her - in fact, I have done Zumba and had light conversation with her at the YMCA MANY times.  I found out she switched gyms too and we agreed to encourage one another and to push each other - YIPPEE, I have a friend at my new gym!