Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Ways to Look Cute When Your Workin' on Your Fitness

#1  - Put a lil somethin' something' in your hair – I found these mini hair clips for next nothing at Claires and they are perfect to hold up your bangs or any other uncooperative strands of hair while your doing Zumba or other kinds of high impact activities.

Now that my bangs have grown out a little, I have been wearing some fun headbands too.

#2 - Fingernails – I love a snazzy nail color, so I occasionally wear a fun color like hot pink, blue or even dark purple - it makes me feel all girly when I'm doing chest presses or dead rows.

#3 - Accented Nail – A new trend that I am LOVING is the accented nail.  Do something totally over the top on your ring finger only.  It’s so glittery it’s like wearing jewelry without actually wearing jewelry.  The options are endless!

#4 - Shoes – Gotta have a killer set of sneakers, nuff said.

#5 - Hoodie/Jacket – Go get yourself a cute hoodie. I like to wear mine a size larger than I normally wear so that it covers a little of my booty.  The larger size comes in REALLY handy if I have to stop by the grocery store after a workout.  Below are some fab ones that I found online.  I'm thinking I need to get that hot pink one :-)

How do you stay cute while working out???

Monday, January 23, 2012

Looky What I Found

I was doing my normal grocery shopping at Hy-Vee over the week-end and I came upon this perfectly package of pre-washed, pre-cut kale tucked in over by the packaged salads. 

This stopped me dead in my tracks!  I swear I'm not obsessed with kale; it's just cheap, healthy and easy to cook with.  So far I have tried kale chips and sweet and savory kale and both are wonderful additions to my ever growing healthy foods list.

I also came up with my own concoction of sauteed kale with mushrooms, red bell peppers and about a tablespoon of Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce from Tastefully Simple - it turned out delish!!!

On a side note, I do have one of these stashed away in my closet - I kid, I kid!  But it would be pretty funny, huh?

Coming soon:  chit chat about bok choy

Happy Monday, everyone!       

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transformation Tuesday

Sometimes just seeing that others are able to transform themselves is all you need to bring a lil encouragement & motivation in your life.  So here ya go, enjoy!

The one below is my favorite before and after.  Look at the 'before', she can't even look at the camera - let alone smile.  The 'after' is such an awesome picture...without even knowing who this darling ginger is you can see how happy and comforable she is!  She's outside posing in a tiny bikini, in heels and proudly displaying all the hard work and commitment she's put forward AND the best part she wearing a big 'ole genuine smile. 

If you are just starting YOUR journey to YOUR after; don't forget to snap a 'before' picture; even if it's just for your own personal viewing.

Later Taters!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Must Have Been a Really Good Girl!

Check out what the hubby got me for Christmas!  Isn't she too cute?!?!?!  I just LOVE the old school feel about her!

She's got a candy apple red paint job that fades into almost black with skulls on the handlebar AND a big ole 'S' on the seat ~  I   AM   IN   LOVE!!!!!

I got all mushy when I discovered it on Christmas morning in front of the tree.  The hubby and I don't normally exchange gifts for Christmas - so this was a total shocker.

That's me on Christmas morning testing it out on my driveway, you just can't help but smile when your riding this cute-pie!  Since this picture was taken I have replaced the headlight with a black basket to hold my cell, iPod, car keys and such.

Last week-end my daughter and I packed up our bikes and headed out a nearby bike/running trail.  Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot to even consider the temperature outside.  Not until we were on the trail did I realize it was 38 degree's and you could see your own breath AND we did not dress for the cool weather.  I decided we should try to suck it up and at least ride a little bit, my beautiful dear daughter was totally miserable the whole time.  I felt so bad that I had pushed her to go a mile down the path (and back another mile) and before I realized it both our hands, feet and faces were freezing!!

Altogether the trail was awesome and I plan on going again when it's warmer, I doubt I will be taking my daughter.  Between her teeth chattering and her sobs for mercy she told me that she "..hated it and will never go riding with me again".  Obviously, this made me very sad and a little disappointed that she had given up on the idea of riding with me so easily.  Hopefully, the next sunny day that comes along so will change her mind.

Nevertheless, the short ride was SO much fun (for me) and I found myself basically filled with happiness knowing I have found another way to continue my journey.

Happy Hump Day!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping it Real

Things are not always rainbows and lollipops on this journey that I am on.  The past few weeks I have missed several workouts, ate a few too sugar cookies, drink too many glasses of wine and have developed almost an addiction to Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.  In fact just last night, after everyone was in bed, I found myself in my pantry DEVOURING a Hersey's chocolate bar I discovered.  I crammed that bar in my mouth as if I had been starving on a deserted island for months.  After the short and sweet 'high' was gone I felt ashamed, short, PA-THE-TIC!!

I beat myself up about that chocolate bar (and the missed workouts, and the cookies, and the lattes, and the glasses wine) all darn night until I drifted off sleep.

The whole drive into work I thought about my lack of focus over the last few weeks.  I thought about how no one is perfect and everyone falls off the wagon occasionally and decided it's HOW you get back on that wagon and not just ride it but make it yours!
What I did (and didn't do) is in the past and today is a new day and I am gonna ride that wagon and make it my biotch!

My Secret Weapon

It's true I have a secret weapon to aid me on my journey; it's my hunky husband!  He has always been interested in physical fitness and working out ever since I have known him (over 20 years).  In fact a few years ago, he earned his NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Sports Performance and NASM Corrective Exercise certifications and began training clients.  He no longer trains anyone...except for me.  He is beyond supportive and informative.  He advises me on each and every step I take on my journey and I love it!

We talk about my workouts and how my body is reacting to them.  He goes over all the positions and stances I do when I am lifting weights.  He advises me on the proper stretches and warm ups to do before and after all my workouts.  We talk meal planning; and food in general that would probably leave most people scratching their heads, LOL!  When I am dealing with sore over-worked muscles, I don't even have to ask him to massage the pain away.  His love and commitment to me is off the charts! 

I love you Jon and all those things you do to help me be the best that I can be!