Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Transformation Tuesday

Sometimes just seeing that others are able to transform themselves is all you need to bring a lil encouragement & motivation in your life.  So here ya go, enjoy!

The one below is my favorite before and after.  Look at the 'before', she can't even look at the camera - let alone smile.  The 'after' is such an awesome picture...without even knowing who this darling ginger is you can see how happy and comforable she is!  She's outside posing in a tiny bikini, in heels and proudly displaying all the hard work and commitment she's put forward AND the best part she wearing a big 'ole genuine smile. 

If you are just starting YOUR journey to YOUR after; don't forget to snap a 'before' picture; even if it's just for your own personal viewing.

Later Taters!

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