Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Must Have Been a Really Good Girl!

Check out what the hubby got me for Christmas!  Isn't she too cute?!?!?!  I just LOVE the old school feel about her!

She's got a candy apple red paint job that fades into almost black with skulls on the handlebar AND a big ole 'S' on the seat ~  I   AM   IN   LOVE!!!!!

I got all mushy when I discovered it on Christmas morning in front of the tree.  The hubby and I don't normally exchange gifts for Christmas - so this was a total shocker.

That's me on Christmas morning testing it out on my driveway, you just can't help but smile when your riding this cute-pie!  Since this picture was taken I have replaced the headlight with a black basket to hold my cell, iPod, car keys and such.

Last week-end my daughter and I packed up our bikes and headed out a nearby bike/running trail.  Unfortunately, in my excitement, I forgot to even consider the temperature outside.  Not until we were on the trail did I realize it was 38 degree's and you could see your own breath AND we did not dress for the cool weather.  I decided we should try to suck it up and at least ride a little bit, my beautiful dear daughter was totally miserable the whole time.  I felt so bad that I had pushed her to go a mile down the path (and back another mile) and before I realized it both our hands, feet and faces were freezing!!

Altogether the trail was awesome and I plan on going again when it's warmer, I doubt I will be taking my daughter.  Between her teeth chattering and her sobs for mercy she told me that she "..hated it and will never go riding with me again".  Obviously, this made me very sad and a little disappointed that she had given up on the idea of riding with me so easily.  Hopefully, the next sunny day that comes along so will change her mind.

Nevertheless, the short ride was SO much fun (for me) and I found myself basically filled with happiness knowing I have found another way to continue my journey.

Happy Hump Day!!

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