Friday, September 9, 2011

One End of the Spectrum to Another

There I was delighting in the fact that I had not only hit my #2 mini goal but was wearing my new smaller sized jeans and look pretty darn good in them; then BAM I get a text from my brother "Call Mom 911".  My stomach in knots, I already know something must be wrong with my dad.  My Dad...the one that had so many heart attacks from the '90-'00's that I lost count...the one that had open heart surgery and made it...the one that has a pacemaker...the one that stopped smoking after 30+ years....the one that would literally do ANYTHING for his grandkids and his kids.

Then I heard the dreaded phrase, "Your dad has cancer".   My heart sank, my happiness dropped to sorrow "DAMN IT" I scream.  My mom is not able to make any sense and just hands the phone to my awesome Dad - he's crying on the phone to me.  Tells me a few bits of information and then interrupts himself and says, "I just want to be around for my grandkids".  At that point I loose it.  I have to leave work and must be with my folks; which means driving almost an hour to their house from work.  An hour to sob, yell, cry and curse.

I spent a few hours with them looking over all the doctors orders and trying to understand what's going to happen over the next few months.  After I left I picked up my 10 year Lexi (who adores her grandpa) and had to tell her the news.  Unfortunately, she knows all to well what cancer means.  That was hard, REALLY hard.

And finally, the remainder of my family comes home - we are all hugging one another in silence.  I mean really what can you say about this type of news??? 

Please pray, send good vibes or do whatever you do to help my Dad overcome this obstacle just like he has with others over and over again. 

I love you Dad, we'll get through this together.

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