Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have been completely blown away by the support from friends and family during my journey.  Even people that I hardly know have contacted me and expressed how they are enjoying my blog.  I had an instant message from someone the other day that just reiterated that what I am doing is EXACTLY what I SHOULD be doing.  The instant message went on to say some pretty powerful things and it left me in tears...tears of pure joy and disbelief that I am doing it!  I really am doing this!!  Even as I type this, I'm getting a little teary eyed.

I have always been someone that likes to express their feelings on paper (or 'virtual' paper).  I kept a diary, which later became my journal, from almost the time I could write a sentence to the the age of 26 years old.  It really puts things into perspective when you go back in time and read what was on your mind, what you were worried about or even happy about.  So when I started this blog, it was just for me to go back reflect.  I had no intentions of anyone reading it... let alone liking it or even loving it. 

From my last post of  Eating Good CAN Be Easy! to the one before that of I ♥ Kale Chips - my audience has increased OVER 100%.  I think that's pretty cool considering I'm no one special, I'm just an average working mom, with an average income with an average family (okay, so my family IS pretty darn awesome) but you get the idea; I am feelin' your love and it's amazing!

Thank you all for your support!

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