Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hey Suga!

Not too long ago I went on a strike....a sugar strike.  I had acquired a little bit of a pooch when I lost my mojo and to make matters worse I wasn’t working out as much as I had been, so I knew I had to "belly up" (hardy har har!) and make some adjustments. 

I thought long and hard about my eating habits and even started logging what I was eating into my trusty Lose It! app, again.  After a few weeks, I came to the conclusion that all my numbers were pretty good and the only trend I could really see was there was a little too much sugar going down the 'ole hatch.  Noooo I am not talking about sneaking a piece of cake, some candy or a can of soda pop.  Most of the sugar was coming from what I ate at breakfast; which was typically fruit...but...but...but fruit is healthy, right!?!  Yep, but with everything moderation is key!  The fruit that I was eating for breakfast was usually pears, pineapples, apples or peaches.  Those delicious, refreshing fruit that I was SO enjoying every morning were loaded with natural sugars....well, crap!

Sooooo, I decided to do a little experiment and started switching out my typical breakfasts of fruit for mostly vegetables.  By drastically decreasing the sugar I was eating and, at the same time, increasing my veggies my hope was my pooch would gradually goes down.

I flipped through all my fitness magazines, recipe books and lots and lots of websites looking for any and all veggie dishes I could find - surprisingly, I found tons of options. The first week or two was a little strange eating things like cucumber slices, cauliflower salad or even steamed broccoli for breakfast but after the weirdness wore off - it was no big deal at all.  I ate like that for 6 solid weeks and noticed a difference after only about 2 weeks.

The overall results were pretty incredible.  I haven't seen my tummy that tight and flat since I was in high school....that's right, I said flippin' HIGH SCHOOL.  Holla!! 

Disclaimer:  right around my 6th week, I was laid off and my lack of routine threw me a curve ball.  I realize I am making an excuse - but hey, sh*t happens!  My tummy is still smaller than it was before the sugar strike, but not as small as it was during it.  I 'm planning on going on strike again, real soon.  It had such a dramatic result for me, my ending verdict is a 100% thumbs up!
You didn't really think that I would do all this talk about my tummy slimming down without posting a picture of the results, did you? 
It's no abs of steel, but I'll take it :-)
I hope this post leaves you happy, healthy and shouting HOLLA! 

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