Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life is an Adventure!

I recently attended an event on Leading Yourself Through Change at work.  The presentation was directed towards professional women in the work environment but I found myself applying the concepts, advice and discussion topics to the journey my after.
It reminded me that life is an incredible, unpredictable and wonderful adventure.  Change IS going to happen; sometimes it's planned and other times it's totally by circumstance. Regardless of how change comes into your life, the most important thing is the way you react to it. 
~ Tackle the change of your eating and physical activity habits as if it's an adventure.  Look forward to each new step and what changes will result from them.  Become, dare I say, risky with your food selections.  Branch out, try new things!

~ Get excited about what YOUR after will be.  Think big, think amazing - sky's the limit, baby!
~ Get pumped about what you’ll learn and how you’ll grow; both physically and mentally.

~ Think about what non-scale victories you have accomplished.  Write them down and how you felt, you don't want to ever forget that feeling when you finally pranced around in that bikini after busting your ass for over a year, do you!?!?!
~ Keep your eye on the prize.  Remember WHY all these changes are in your life and WHAT the outcome will be.

~ If you're having an 'off' day - STAY positive.  Don't you dare allow those negative thoughts control you!  You must learn how to deliberately focus on the positive thoughts you're having and purposely ignore the negative ones. 

~ Practice imagining!  Sometimes when I am swimming laps and I have the whole pool to myself - I will literally mumble to myself "I can do this, I can do this, I can do this" all while I am imagining myself wearing a cute a pair of skinny jeans.  When I am doing weighted squats, I usually close my eyes and turn on the little voice in my head that says "little ass, little ass, little ass".  As silly as all this sounds, it works for me :-)

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