Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goal Setting

For me setting a long term goal is just too lofty and seems unobtainable.  Instead of giving myself one big whopping goal I use the concept of min-goals or milestones.  Here are mine and where I currently stand with them…

Feel comfortable enough with myself to stop wearing frumpy, big & boxy t-shirts and shorts to the gym and wear cute work out clothes instead. DONE!

Lose 15 pounds.  DONE!

Fit into my shorty shorts that I have been hanging on to for almost 4 years.  I RARELY wear shorts and they are never any shorter than just above my knees.  DONE!

Get into my pre-pregnancies jean size (11 years ago).

Fit into my wedding dress.

Get into a size SMALLER than what I was when I graduated high school (20 years ago).

Dash up the stairs at work without huffing, puffing and feeling like my legs were about to burst into flames.  DONE!

Begin drinking water, LOTS of water.  DONE!

Limit my coffee to one or none per day.  DONE!  I've even packed away the coffee maker in my home

Build definition in my biceps and triceps

Replace at least two meals a week with a vegetarian option.  DONE!

Get a bike and go on rides with my kids

Buy clothes that do not have the letter 'L' in the size

Run in a 5K

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